Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mixed up with Somebody Else

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was SURE my doctor had me mixed up with somebody else. I mean there was no breast cancer in my family. My mom and my sister had never had breast cancer. My mom had lots and lots of sisters and no one had had breast cancer or any lady cancer for that matter. My grandmother had lived to be 98 and my other grandmother was alive. Actually, no one in my family had ever even had any type of cancer YET. Plus I didn't meet any of the typical lifestyle risks. I had never smoked anything. I wasn't a drinker either, rarely drank in my youth and at the time, not often and when I did, it was with dinner and only one and a glass of red wine because of the health benefits. I thought I was the perfect picture of health. I was never sick!!! I never even got a cold when everybody else did. My kids could vomit all over me and I still wouldn't get sick. Never had allergies like everybody else either. I would brag about it too!! The only doctor I even went to was my OBGYN. The only time I had been in the hospital was to have my children. And excuse me, I had breast fed for a total of 3 and half years of my life which was suppose to decrease my risk of breast cancer. I couldn't find any lifestyle choices that fit with someone who got breast cancer. I was thin!!! I had never been overweight!!! I only weighed 138 pounds when I had my children and I lost the weight quickly both times. I exercised a lot plus I was an avid runner. The day before I was diagnosed, I ran 6 miles and I remember thinking, I'm in such good shape, but little did I know the cancer was already in three lymph nodes, and I just didn't know it. I ate healthy, salads mostly, because that's what I liked...I was a granola, no preservatives, organic freak long before it was trendy to be one and had been a vegan for a big chunk of my life. When people heard that I had cancer, they would were like WTF??? My sister would tell people, "If Donna can get cancer, then we all better be very afraid." BECAUSE I was the last person in the world, they thought would get breast cancer. The C-word was something that happen to other people and definitely not to me!!!! So, when I heard those three words "You have cancer!" I was sure the doc had mixed me up with somebody else.

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