Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Okay, before I share anymore about my unexpected detour to Cancerland, let me give you a little background info about me. The year prior to being diagnosed with BC, I had a lot of "justs" in my life!!! I had just had a baby (in my 40s), well not just, 2 year ago, but close enough. We had just moved back from a 4 year tour in Israel (foreign service family). I had just stopped breast feeding. We had just brought a house. My husband had just left (5 months earlier) for his second tour in Iraq. I had just decided to go back to work (and had a couple of great job offers too). I had just gone back to school to finish my advance degree. Eizabeth Edwards' BC had just come back earlier that year and I recall reading about how she may have been at a higher risk of BC because she had babies late in life. The Channel 7 news anchor had just been diagnosed with BC. My huband had just arrived for a visit from Iraq. It was just Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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