Monday, June 7, 2010

Cancerland Tour

This blog is about my Cancerland Tour. Think of Cancerland like Hotel California. You can checkout anytime you want, but you can never really leave for good until there's a cure (and there's no cure for cancer if you haven't heard). So, you're saying, why not just move on now that you're finished with treatment and forget it...well, breast cancer is one of those cancers that you're never really cured from, you're just in remission for now, and it can always come back and if you got it young enough (under age 50) and live long enough, it often does. I don't obsess about it coming back or anything like that, but something happened to me that changed me forever and that's what I want to blog about.

The story starts here. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 17, 2007. My life as I knew it ended right then and there. I had no idea at the time (or maybe I did). I thought you go through treatment, you live, hopefully, and then, you go on, but it's not like that at all. I mean sometimes, I wish it was, but that's not the way it works with cancer.

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